CNC Busbar Punching Machine

303E-3-S - CNC Busbar Punching Machine


CNC Copper Busbar Punching Machine



Main Function:

Copper bar Cut、punch(round、obround、square holes) ,chamfer,horizontal bending,vertical bending,u bending,emboss,press, press cable thread 、twist etc.

Main Feature:

303E-3-S CNC Hydraulic Busbar Hole Punch machine Cutting unit adopts double-column shear structure (patent number: ZL201120262802.1 ),Cut mouth flat,no waste.
Punching unit adopts Nodular cast iron material turret punching structure which is a totally a whole one,improving concentric degree of molds.
busbar puncher unit with mechanic double direction position device. When punching aim no need to mark.
Angle degree controlled by PLC and displacement sensor ,when they work together can realize CNC control, and with a storage function and error compensation.
Bending unit adopts closed bending structure, also prolonging the service life.
When copper busbar punching cutting machine is idle, will go down,saving the cost.
Bending unit adopts double work table,achieved a real sense of the three position working at the same time while working without impact each other.


Nominal Pressure : 300KN
Max processing size: 12 x 160 mm
Punching diameter range: Φ4.3 - 25mm
Max.vertical bending width: 120mm
Size of the machine: 1750 x 1350 x 1500mm
Weight of the machine: 1390kg
Bending angle CNC : YES


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