CNC Busbar Copper Punching Machine

MX602K-8C - CNC Busbar Punching Machine


CNC Copper Busbar Punching Machine



Main Function:

Cut,punch,chamfer,emboss (all kinds of round,square,special holes and slot type ) the copper, aluminum busbar etc.

Main Feature:

MX602K-8C CNC copper busbar punching machine with the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, labor saving, time saving, high processing precision.beautiful and novel appearance ( patent number: ZL 201430448531.8) .
• The copper busbar punch equipment has a unique processing principle and processing method, for long busbar can be realized that clamped once, without manual inteNention in the process.automatic repeat switching clamp, can complete punching and shearing for the work piece. Mould base can choose 6 punching+ 1 cutting+ 1 embossing or 8 punching+ 1 cutting of straight column type mould base.
• Cutting dies is a single pole type hedge Scissor (Patent No .. ZL 201300804566.0) no waste after shearing Man-machine interface, easy to operate With lijian busbar processing assistant design system (certificate number: 846802nd) Real-time showing operating state of the program.

Tech Paramete:

Max punching shearing force:600KN
Max Processing Size:16x200mm
Max Punching range:Φ4.3~35mm
Max molds can be loaded:8 Punching 1 cutting;
Punching Accuracy:±0.2mm;
Max Punching frequency:180times/min;


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