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Busbar copper cutting punching machine


Busbar copper cutting punching machine,The CNC electrical control system of this machine consists of controller, servo system, man-machine interface, detection device, etc.

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busbar milling machine


CNC Copper Busbar Milling Machine CNC Bus bars Copper Milling Machine Busbar Chamfering Tools,WhatsApp: +8613853146766,Email: info@busbarcnc.com copper busbar machine

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CNC Busbar Cutting Bending Machine


CNC Busbar Cutting Bending Machine Contact: info@busbarcnc.com / Tel : +86 13853146766 / cnc,busduct,bus duct,busbar,bar,copper,busway,To cutting bending the copper/aluminum busbar ect.

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CNC Busduct joint connection busbar of BBT trunking system machine


CNC Bus dust connection joint bus bar processing machine center belongs to a new generation of processing equipment of our company that is independent researched and developed by ourselves. The main use is processing production of bus dust connection bus bar , including punching, stretching, bulging, cutting and other processing technology.

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CNC Copper Busbar Bending Machine Bar Bender Machine


NC.40Z series busbar bending machine,Bar Bender Machine,www.busbarmc.com,Email:leanne@busbarmc.com,Whatsapp:+86 13853146766,busbar bending machine for copper aluminum busbar,high performance,high automatic.

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CNC Copper Busbar Sawing Machine


The CNC copper busbar bus bar sawing machine Contact: info@busbarcnc.com / Tel : +86 13853146766 / is a new generation of CNC machining equipment developed by our company.The main function is to cut different kinds of busbars.The copper busbar sawing machine adopts high speed disc type saw blade.high cutting speed.Cutting section high verticality.No collapse angle.Is an ideal processing equipment for the bus dust industry to segment the bus bar.

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Copper Busbar Machine Busbar Punching Bending Cutting Machine


DGWMX Series CNC Copper Busbar Machine,Busbar Punching Bending Cutting,Email: Leanne@busbarmc.com,Busbar Machine(Three pumps,Turret Punching double work table,Angle Control)., etc.

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Double heads busbar trunking system busbar bending machine


Double heads bus dust busbar bending machine press a new type of processing equipment developed by our company,the main functions is bending the two ends of connection busbar of the line of the bus dust ,and bending double bends once for each end of the bus dust . busbar bending machine No need to change the direction of one bus dust,with the advantages of high processing speed,less steps,high accuracy,saving time and labor etc.

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Extrusion Press Clamp Machine


Bus duct Busway Contact: leanne@busbarmc.com / Tel : +86 13853146766 / www.busbarcnc.com Bridge Housing Extrusion Press Clamp Machine is equipped with three parts: riveting table, prefabricated table and discharge table,use for Bus duct Busway Bridge Housin.

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Steel Plate punching machine


Steel plate welded bed,stress annealing treatment after welding, to ensure the rack that not out of shape after the long-term used.his can finished changing of molds within 15s.Very fast and high accuracy.PLC controlling, with digital axis system.Easy to carry out artificial positioning.High flow gear pump,processing with high speed,Step speed can reachl 20 times/min.

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